Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whole Wheat Onion Fritters


OKAY, time to confess the 'magic' that came out of my home kitchen today, 3 Sep 2011, because it was just an unplanned, cooking surprise that turned out GREAT!!!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself! 

Last week I got some gorgeous LARGE yellow onions!  NOW, these onions always entice me to get out my recipes for ONION SOUP, VEGIE CHILI, and ONION RINGS!  Well, the ONIONS have been on the kitchen counter for a week and I have had to walk passed them several times each day! 

Finally, today I could not resist anymore!  I made homemade ONION FRITTERS!  THEY WERE DELICIOUS (and so pretty) – the BEST I have EVER MADE !!!

So, I took some PIXs and want to share one with you.  Also, I modified the BASIC PLAIN FRITTER BATTER recipe that I have been using for over 40 years – how BRAVE is that !  MOREOVER, the surprise is that the modified recipe is now my FAV!!!!!

(The modification to the recipe was my substituting whole-wheat flour and corn meal flour for the usual WHITE WHEAT FLOUR.  So, if you prefer WHITE FLOUR, just use the WHITE FLOUR in this recipe -- 1 cup plus two T white flour.  Enough said on that.)

That being said, below is my NEW MODIFIED BASIC PLAIN FRITTER BATTER recipe with a PIX. 

Recipe Ingredients: 

(Yields about a heaping plateful of ping ball sized ONION FRITTERS – see my PIX.  But actually, I ate some ONION FRITTERS, before taking the PIX, so the yield will be more than in this PIX!

SPECIAL NOTE:  This recipe is also GREAT for fritters made with: zucchini, mushroom, fish, shrimp, cauliflower, or any of your FAV fritter-able eat-ables.)

MEASURE and sift together the dry stuff:
2 T corn meal flour
1 / 2  tsp salt (or salt substitute)
1  tsp baking powder
1 / 4 tsp black pepper (optional)
        (I like pepper on most things)

MEASURE and beat together the wet stuff:
2 eggs
2 T canola oil
1 / 2 C milk  (I used reconstituted nonfat powdered milk—
  just cause I prefer it and it's easier on my budget)

Prepare the ONION:
Clean, pare, and cut up one medium gorgeous yellow or white ONION. 

(NOTE: If you slice the onion, you get onion rings.
If you cut or chop the onion into bits about the size of a nickel (that's right a USA coin), then you will get fritters looking something like those in my PIX!)

ANYWAY, combine the WET and DRY stuff and stir to mix well (about 1 to two minutes by hand).

 Then stir in the ONION-chopped-bits, until each bit is coated — and so NOW you have the ONION-BIT-BATTER ready for the cooking.

COOKING in Canola Oil
In a deep saucepan (I use my small saucepan that hold about SIX CUPS of water—is that a QUART or PINT) anyway, add about TWO cups of oil to the saucepan and bring up to a high heat (just before it starts to make 'smoke'). (HINT:  TEST the heat of the oil by dropping into the hot oil,  one TABLESPOON of ONION-BIT-BATTER , "carefully" using long handled spoons.  If this TEST droplet does NOT brown and sizzle right away, WAIT until the oil heats up a little more; because when you add lots of droplets, the oil temperature will, of course, drop.  So, get the oil temperature up to begin with.)

NOW, I only put about EIGHT droplets (about the size of ONE TABLESPOON) of the ONION-BIT-BATTER in the saucepan at a time and turn them over ONCE. ( HINT:  Use a LONG pair of kitchen tongs, for the oil is hot and there will be some platters!!!!)

REMOVE ONION-BIT-BATTER droplets from hot oil when golden brown on all sides. (HINT: This happens FAST, so keep constant 'watch'!)  PLACE these 'beauties' in one layer (so they stay crispy) on some paper toweling.

SERVE 'EM UP HOT!  (HINT: I freeze the extras / leftovers and they are GREAT to use on another day!! IF there are any leftovers!!!!)

NOW, I don't use anything special for a dip.  I have been very happy using my usual dip of just PLAIN KETCHUP with a few drops of TABASCO (any flavor, color) stirred into it (about 1 / 4 tsp to each 1 cup of ketchup).
COMMENTS and suggestions welcome!!

PLEASE leave a comment(s) with any suggestions for variations as time permits; or, just if you feel like it!!

[PHOTO SOURCE: My camera, my photo, my kitchen, my recipe--YUMMY!]

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