Monday, September 12, 2011


Submitted by: Dorothy Hazel Tarr 

(I wrote this on 12 Sep 2011 at my kitchen table, looking out at my backyard.  The day is overcast and gray, with a soft breeze, and a pleasant 72 degrees – such a perfect day for quiet reflections.)

OH, sweet dreams of youth --
Come lightly and ease Day's Tears --
As I slip into Nether's World --
Succumbing to well-traveled Dream's promises. 

Illusions of Love swirl about --
Seizing a Heart by deceit --
With promises pledged --
Of a faithful Heart. 

Fading echoes of endearment --
Mock Winter's shadows --
Smile's frequent visit to my lips --
Lost now -- Absent by misadventure. 

Only the sunrise and sunset --
Turn the pages of Life --
As one day meanders into next --
Whispers of Love's Young Dream – that never was.

[Photo Source: Google online images]

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