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SCOTT BROTHERS --  John_Charles_Zenas_Samuel_James (original)
1930 -- Los Angeles County, California, USA

[Photo Source:   Original photo image sent to me on 23Dec2010 by Charlie Pierce (Ancestry member "charliepierce46") direct descendant and Great-Grandson of Charles Edward Scott.  This is the ONLY photo of the brothers that survived the 'pages of time', and a SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to Cousin Charlie Pierce for sharing this photo!!!    Thank You, Charlie!! ]

Submitted by: Dorothy Hazel Tarr.

Photo Note:  I cropped the original photo, but did not alter it in any other way. This outdoor photo was taken about 1930 in Los Angeles County, CA, of five sons of JOBE W. SCOTT (born 22 Sep 1817 Ontario, Canada - died 8 Dec 1893 Kansas, USA)  and his wife REBECCA SCOTT.

My BEST GUESS of names, L-to-R 1-to-5, oldest-to-youngest sibling are:  

JOHN HENRY SCOTT (male, 1850-1945);

CHARLES EDWARD SCOTT (male, 1853-1932);

ZENAS GEORGE SCOTT (male, 18567-1935);

SAMUEL ENOS SCOTT (male, 1858-1951);

JAMES ALFRED SCOTT (male, 1864-1935).

Not pictured is the siblings' oldest brother Hyram/Hiram William Scott (born 1845), who passed away in 1910, and who although not in this photo – is NOT forgotten.]

Just a Note:  James Alfred Scott was my maternal first great grandfather and was the youngest of the ELEVEN children of this union.

Rebecca Scott (maiden name was also Scott) was born 5 Feb 1820 in Ontario, Canada; and she passed away about 1889 in Superior, McPherson, Kansas, USA.

Rebecca Scott had 11 kids in 21 years!!  Her first child was born when she was age 23 in 1843, and her eleventh child was born when she was age 44 in 1864. That's one childbirth about every two years for 21 years, WHEW! Great Gram Rebecca Scott was quite the "LADY" and "MOTHER"!

Below I have posted a cropped version of each of the five brothers and enlarged the photos.

JOHN HENRY SCOTT (male, 1850-1945)

CHARLES EDWARD SCOTT (male, 1853-1932)

ZENAS GEORGE SCOTT (male, 18567-1935)

SAMUEL ENOS SCOTT (male, 1858-1951)

JAMES ALFRED SCOTT (male, 1864-1935)

JUST a Note:       These folks are the reason I am here today writing this BLOG and posting these photos.  They endured hardships that I will never have to face, because they 'paved the way for me and my way of life'.    I THANK THEM with all my Heart! And, I am proud to share the same DNA with these my many Great Grandparents and Uncles.

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