Tuesday, September 6, 2011


[PHOTO SOURCE: Google online images – fractal]


 Submitted by: Dorothy Hazel Tarr.

(I wrote this, 6 Sep 2011, thinking about what I did Yesterday and what I need to address Today.  All the while, I know there will be 'left-overs' that will not be done Today, and will have to be done sometime in the Future.  I speculated upon what keeps me from completing all the things on my 'DO TODAY LIST'?  Is it --  the over whelming tasks, energy levels, health issues, emotional baggage, AND/OR fear that I won't have anything to do when the 'list' is done?  Chuckles!  -- There are ALWAYS things to do on the
'DO TODAY LIST' !!!  )


By what name the Past --

    be Yesterday

By what name the Present --

    be Today (Now)

By what name the Future --

    be Tomorrow


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