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[Photo courtesy of:  Jeannette Scott (granddaughter of James Alfred Scott and daughter of Laurel Flynn Scott.]

This photo of the JAMES ALFRED SCOTT FAMILY was taken about 1915 in Oklahoma.  (L-to-R) Zara Harold Scott; James Alfred Scott (the father); Clarence Jennings Scott; James William Dunlap Scott; Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap; Mary Alice Dunlap Scott (2nd spouse and mother of JWD Scott); Laurel Flynn Scott; Mary Rebecca Elizabeth Scott Webster; Raymond Cyril Scott.


James Alfred Scott (born 4 DEC 1864 in Ontario, Canada; died 29 JUL 1935 in Delano, Kern, California)

Submitted by: Dorothy Hazel Tarr


James Alfred Scott is my Maternal First Great-Grandfather.  He was born into a large family and was the eleventh of eleven children born to his parents.  He was married twice and had six children by his first wife, and after her death and his remarriage, he had one more child.  During his lifetime, he moved about and saw some of this land.  He was born in Ontario, Canada, and at age 16 moved with his parents to the USA.  He lived in Kansas and Oklahoma, and then relocated to California where he remained for the rest of his life.  His occupations included farming with his parents, schoolmaster, merchant and shop owner, and then farm owner and manager in his later years.

As I learn more about our Family or learn of details that need changing, I will update this Story from time-to-time.  If you have any comments or thoughts to share, they will be welcomed in the spirit that they are offered.  You can email me at -- .


James Alfred Scott's parents were Jobe W Scott (born 22 SEP 1817 Ontario, Canada; died at age 70 on 8 DEC 1893 in Kansas probably) and Rebecca Scott (maiden name was Scott) (born 5 FEB 1820 in Ontario, Canada; died 1889 in Kansas probably).

James Alfred Scott lived with his parents in the Delaware, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada, area until about 1880.

Then at age 16, James Alfred relocated with his parents to settle in Superior, McPherson, Kansas, USA, where they purchased land and farmed.  I have copies of some land deeds (courtesy of his granddaughter Jeannette Scott)  showing his parents sold their land in Ontario, Canada; so this relocation of the JOBE W SCOTT Family to McPherson County, Kansas, was meant to be permanent.

James Alfred Scott became a schoolmaster and taught school in McPherson County, Kansas.  While there, he met his first wife, Mary Grace Jennings, who was also a schoolteacher.

On 13 MAY 1891, in McPherson County, Kansas, James Alfred Scott married Mary Grace Jennings Scott (born 13 JUN 1872 Iowa; died at age 36 on 12 MAR 1908 Manchester County, Oklahoma).  They were married by Reverend Clark.  James Alfred Scott was protestant and a member of the Church of Christ.  He was 26 and she was 19.  Their Wedding Portrait is posted below in which Mary Grace Jennings Scott looks so young and lovely in her beautiful wedding dress, and James Alfred is looking so dapper.

[Photo courtesy of:  Jeannette Scott (granddaughter of James Alfred Scott and daughter of Laurel Flynn Scott.]

[WEDDING PORTRAIT of James Alfred Scott and Mary Grace Jennings Scott, 13 MAY 1891 Manchester County, Oklahoma.]

Some Lineage Details for Mary Grace Jennings Scott

Mary Grace Jennings Scott's parents were Nathan Brownfield Jennings (born 17 MAR 1845 in Masontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania; died 3 MAR 1932 in Canton, Kansas) and Elizabeth Jane Findley Jennings (born 11 APR 1847 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania; died 17 AUG 1913 in Wauhee, Dallas, Iowa). 

Nathan Brownfield Jennings' father was Henry Jennings Junior (born 19 APR 1806 in German, Fayette, Pennsylvania; died 24 JUN 1890 in Dallas Center, Iowa).  Henry Jennings Junior's parents were Henry Jennings Senior (1765 NJ – 1827 PA) and Rhoda Leslie Jennings (1769 PA – 1852 PA).  SPECIAL NOTE:  The Henry Jennings Junior Family owned and operated a FERRY BOAT for a fee to patrons.  (Def: A ferryboat is a floatation type boat that could hold and transport people, animals, and cargo across a body of water when there was no bridge.)  It was located at Jennings Landing, German Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania near Masontown, Pennsylvania.  All of Henry Jennings Junior's children were born there !!! You can GOOGLE these locations to learn more about the area in historical and in current times.  It is also interesting that the name JENNINGS appears in so many landmarks, parks, historical sites, and even in Today's phone book.  The surname Jennings (alt spelling Jennens) can be traced back to the United Kingdom to 'titled', noble men and women, and even royalty—so many surprises in our Family Lineage and History, so many stories !!!!

Nathan Brownfield Jennings' mother was Catharine Brownfield Jennings (born 19 APR 1816 in Smithfield, Pennsylvania; died 6 AUG 1894 in Dallas Center, Iowa).  Catharine Brownfield Jennings' parents were the Brownfields from Pennsylvania; I'm still researching them.

Elizabeth Jane Findley Jennings' father was Abel Findley Junior (born 16 MAY 1819 Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; died 14 MAR 1889 Iowa City, Wright, Iowa).  Abel's parents were Judge Abel Findley Senior (1771 PA – 1845 IN; a Circuit Court Judge in Pennsylvania) and Rebecca Courtney Findley (1774 PA -1839 IN).

Elizabeth Jane Findley Jennings' mother was Mary Jane Kerr Findley (born 2 JUN 1824 in Mahoning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania; died 18 APR 1900 in Iowa City, Wright, Iowa).  Mary Jane's parents were William H Kerr (1798 PA - 1866 PA) and Abigail Gallaher Kerr (1797 TN -1843 PA).

The six children of James Alfred Scott and Mary Grace Jennings Scott in birth sequence were: Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap (1892 KS – 1968 CA); Raymond Cyril Scott (1894 OK – 1961 CA); Laurel Flynn Scott (1896 OK – 1979 OR) {Jeannette Scott's father and my Maternal Grandfather}; Clarence Jennings Scott (1900 OK – 1943 CA); Zara Harold Scott (1904 OK – 1956 CA); and Mary Rebecca Elizabeth Scott Webster (1908 Ok – 1989 CA).

NOW back to James Alfred Scott and his Family

Sometime between 1891 and 1894, James Alfred Scott and his wife Mary Grace Jennings Scott owned and managed a store in McPherson County, Kansas.  About 1893, when the Cherokee Strip (in Indian Territory Oklahoma) opened up for new settlers, James Alfred Scott hired a man to "run and stake out" a parcel of land for him during the Oklahoma Land Run.  The parcel of land he obtained from the Oklahoma Land Run was located in Stella (Range 9), Woods County, Oklahoma Territory.  After obtaining this piece of land through the "Oklahoma RUN", James Alfred Scott's plan as a new landowner was to begin farming his "new" land.  Therefore, he sold his store in Kansas and left Kansas with his young family and moved onto his "new" land in Oklahoma Territory.  He was about age 30.  

By 1894, James Alfred Scott, his wife Mary Grace, and their young daughter Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap (1892-1968) had moved from McPherson County, Kansas, to Manchester County, Oklahoma, and were settled on their new farm.  James Alfred became a landowner and farmer and Mary Grace became a farmer's wife and kept house and family.  On 14 Jan 1894, Mary Grace gave birth to their second child Raymond Cyril Scott in Manchester County, Oklahoma.  While living and working on their farm, their family continued to grow with the addition of three more children: Laurel Flynn Scott (1896, my maternal grandfather), Clarence Jennings Scott (1900), and Zara Harold Scott (1904).

During 1904 and 1905, James Alfred Scott served as the Rosedale School Officer Treasurer.  The Rosedale School was located in the small town of Rosedale, Manchester, Oklahoma.  (If you use GOOGLE to search on Rosedale, Oklahoma, you can see some info on it and use GOOGLE maps to look at the surrounding area.)  Their children went to school there, as did the children of their neighbors from the other farms within a 5-mile radius or so.  Many of the children of Rosedale School met their future spouses there and became extended family members of the James Alfred Scott Family.  James Alfred and Mary Grace's third child Laurel Flynn Scott went to this school (as did Laurel Flynn's future spouse and my Maternal Gram Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott) until 1908.  SPEICAL NOTE:  A photo of the Rosedale School graduation program 1904-1905 that belonged to Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap (my BELOVED Great Aunt Gladys; daughter of James Alfred Scott and Mary Grace,) is posted here (below).  It lists the names of the children at the school and James Alfred Scott as the School Treasurer.  Also listed is James Jones Bennett (the father of Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott and my Maternal First Great-Grandfather) as Director of Rosedale School.  In 1964, My Great Aunt Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap was going to throw away her Rosedale School graduation program, but I convinced her to give it to me as a "keep sake".  It is one of my MOST TREASURED mementoes and tells our Family Story just with the listing of the family names on the program.

[Photo courtesy of:  Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap -- Rosedale School graduation program 1904-1905, Rosedale, Oklahoma]

Then on 12 Mar 1908, at age 36, Mary Grace Jennings Scott passed away from complications after the birth of her sixth child.  Jeannette Scott adds the following, "My Dad (Laurel Flynn Scott) said he had to quit school in the 8th grade (age 12) to stay home and take care of his new baby sister (Mary Rebecca Elizabeth Scott Webster), because his Mom had died."  I have several photos of my grandfather Laurel Flynn Scott with 'baby sister' Mary Rebecca Elizabeth Scott Webster in so many of them, you can see from the photos that the closeness in their sibling relationship continued into their elder years.

On 30 DEC 1908, in Oklahoma, James Alfred Scott married his second wife Mary Alice Dunlap Scott (born JUL 1897 Parson, Adams, Illinois; died 6 DEC 1957 California).  Her parents were James Lee Dunlap Senior (born OCT 1854 Illinois; died 17 JUN 1924 Payson, Adams, Illinois) and Alice Jane Crewdson Dunlap (born Jul 1865 Illinois; died after 1930 Illinois).

 Some Lineage Details for Mary Alice Dunlap Scott

James Lee Dunlap Senior's parents were Ephraim Dunlap (1815 KY – 1856 Il) and Mary Wright Dunlap McKenzie (1832 VA – 1928 Il).

Alice Jane Crewdson Dunlap's parents were Thadius Crewdson (1833 TN – before 1920 Il) and Cornelia Crewdson (1844 Il – after 1920 Il).

NOW back to James Alfred Scott and his Family

In 1909, a son was born to James Alfred Scott and his second spouse Mary Alice Dunlap Scott; James William Dunlap Scott (born 19 NOV 1909 Manchester County, Oklahoma; died 6 APR 1979 Delano, Kern, California) was given Mary Alice's maiden name for his middle name.  He was called "Dunlap" by family and friends, and went by the name of J.W. Dunlap Scott.  A Family Portrait photo of this new family is posted here (at top of this posting).  Laurel Flynn Scott, my maternal grandfather, looks so much like his father James Alfred Scott in this photo, the resemblance to my way of thinking is remarkable!

James Alfred Scott's brothers kept encouraging him to move out to California claiming that the weather was better and the living better.  His older brothers, probably Zenas George Scott (1856 Ontario, Canada - 1935 Arizona), and Samuel Enos Scott (1856 Ontario, Canada - 1951 California) all went to California at various times between 1910 to 1950.  After 2 or 3 years, some of his older brothers moved back to Oklahoma for a time.

Sometime between 1917 and 1920, James Alfred Scott sold his farm and finally moved his family to California.  All of James Alfred Scott's children settled in California where they lived, married, raised families, and passed away.

However, one of James Alfred Scott's sons, Laurel Flynn Scott and his wife Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott, (both of whom went to the Rosedale School and lived on neighboring farms in Oklahoma), left California in the 1950s and settled in the Central Point, Jackson County, Oregon.  Laurel Flynn Scott and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott lived and worked on the Higinbotham Family Farm in Central Point, Oregon, for many years.  Their eldest daughter, Margaret Lucille Scott Higinbotham, was married to Glenn Ivan Higinbotham Senior, who was a descendent of some of the Jackson County, Oregon, Pioneer Families.

Per the 1920 US Census, James Alfred Scott, his second wife Mary Alice Dunlap Scott, and their children that were still at home (that is: Zara Harold Scott, Mary Rebecca Elizabeth, and James William Dunlap Scott) resided in Downey, Los Angeles, California.

Per the 1930 US Census, James Alfred Scott, his wife Mary Alice Dunlap Scott, and their son still living at home (James William Dunlap Scott, age 21) resided in Earlimart, Alila, Tulare, California.

On 29 Jul 1935, James Alfred Scott passed away in Delano, Kern, California.  He is buried in Delano.  Jeannette Scott writes in her notes to me that, he passed away after being ill for a long time, saying, "He had been in an auto accident and one of his legs was gangrene at the time of his death.  This leads me and others to think he was also diabetic."


Closing Thoughts

Here you have a Family history of my Maternal First Great-Grandfather James Alfred Scott and his parents, siblings, spouses, and children.  This story began before James Alfred Scott was born and continues after his passing with his descendants and the many lives and hearts that he "touched".


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