Sunday, July 3, 2011

DUST Motes -- Dancing a JIG

(WELL, I guess you are curious why I felt like writing on, 3 Jul 2011, about DUST MOTES.
WELL, I guest it was just a 'case' of DAY DREAMING and FANCIFUL THOUGHT PATTERNS--seems I have a 'writing virus' that is triggered by unusual and everyday observations!!! . (chuckles) )

The bright sun sits high in a hot cloudless sky. 
The breeze is noticeably absent. 
The shadows are short at noon's zenith.

Then afternoon sun pours through my window, illuminating the dust motes that dance in the air,
as the ceiling fan stirs them to a JIG.

I GUESS it's time to DUST AGAIN!

[PHOTO SOURCE:  GOOGLE online images]

[PHOTO SOURCE: GOOGLE online images - wooden dustpan on top of small chair]

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