Monday, July 11, 2011


The skyline is a Mocking reflection
of my Day Dreamer's Passage.

My thoughts wander
chasing butterflies
in the Garden of my mind.

Graceful waves of ferns
emote a welcome greeting
on my Sojourn.

Glimmers of blue and green
sparkle at the edges of my Dream
off the cool waters
catching the sunlight.

My Day Dreamer's thoughts
feather to nothing,
burdens of the day,
easing the Signs of worry
from my brow.

A brilliant smile lit from within,
hints of the whimsical fancies
that dance to a tune
only this Day Dreamer hears.

Mysterious thoughts
challenge and inspire
and excite my Day Dreamer's Nature.

Lack of coherent order
releases the Bonds
that shroud the Boundary
of my senses.

Reflections of a secret romantic,
flicker as patterns of mist and fog,
smoke and shadow,
sun and moonbeams,
and fall across
my Day Dreamer's imaginary Landscape.

Warmth, laughter, and LOVE --
all welcome ingredients
for Today's Illusions
and Tomorrows Hopes.

And, the polly wogs in the Pond
all turn into Princes,
as the Day Dreamer's interludes
slip by-the-by.

The drab sparrow drops its cloak,
revealing beneath its brightly feathered finery
in a Peacock's plumage; 
But, Beware
the hidden heart of a Hawk!

A profusion of flowers
array in drooping sleepy splendor
along the Day Dreamer's Path.

Candle flames dance merrily
into the evensong of the Sunset.

Flickers of moonlight
beckon the Day Dreamer
to witness its play
on the garden Steps.

Overhead the stars in the night lit heavens,
shine as celestial beacons,
softly guiding this Nocturnal Traveler.

Whispers of a soft summer evening
drift on a gentle breeze,
ruffling the rhythms of my Flight.

Such are the Meanderings of my mind.




(Just being and writing on 11 Jul 2011, for some days are just easy and made for lazy-ing around and JUST DAY DREAMING about your Life, Yesterday, Today, and pondering Tomorrow!   My life is a river that flows, I know not where, With eddies for reflecting, and swift currents gone too quick, Past the 'Shores' of my life. Yesterday's youthful dreams, Today's hopeful goals, Float on the water without anchor, Toward Tomorrow's Destiny.) [~dht-2011]

[PHOTO SOURCE: GOOGLE online images]

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