Friday, July 15, 2011

Just A Candle's Aura

(I wrote this, 15 Jul 2011, thinking about how bright Future's venue from my youth's portal.  The visions of hope from my girlhood, were tarnessed and faded by the reality of Life with all its challenges, disappointments, and distractions.  Now, in the winter years, the bright aura of my youth does not burn as blue a hue.)

There gathered a sense of sharp anticipation
as I stepped through Folly's Door,
to find Future's Embrace.

The brilliant Aura of Youth,
now harnessed by Life's Distractions
and Time's Passage -- fades
until No More.

The Ending of the Day,
has mellowed to a fine Hue,
the sharpness of a stormy Passage.

There a momentary madness
burning high in Youth's Abode,
Now extinguished in Elder Days
of unrealized Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams.

The moment –
Nothing more remains --
Just A Candle's Aura!


[PHOTO SOURCE: GOOGLE online images]

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