Sunday, July 3, 2011

DREAMING – Soap Bubbles

(I wrote this today, 3 Jul 2011,  as I was thinking some introspective thoughts about life, time, and circumstance and the soap bubble seemed the perfect symbol to 'pair' them with. And, my Kindred Spirit "C" contributed this thought --  I just love these photos, so light and airy like thoughts that come and go.)

*** DREAMING  –  Soap Bubbles ***

WHERE has the time gone? How fast the years have come and gone!

The PRESENT has no more substance than SOAP BUBBLES blown from a soap bubbler (and as in this PIX).

TOMORROW is a dream, a promise, a hope for the nether.

I believed in my DREAM (fool that I am) and my heart sang with HAPPY thoughts.

Now, shadows intrude where the joy and sunlight have withdrawn.

Sometimes life takes a different course than what we plan or expect.

YES, I had been a DREAMER, full of hope and plans. NOW, such dreams are faded, never to be realized, and only live as wispy thoughts that float on the air as soap bubbles, and then burst.

In my mind, pictures flash of days long passed and flow over me in quick waves (NOT in any sequence of time).

I wish at times (all the time really) for a second chance with all I have learned--to turn back the clock, and ...

I cling to the GOOD pictures and try to push away the BAD pictures--but it seems they are one and the same.

HOW does that ole saying go? "You have to take the GOOD with the BAD." (or something like that)

SO, the soap bubbles drift -- each capturing a moment of time in my life, each a good and bad 'picture' of a time in my life.

Soap bubbles as transient as my next breath!


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[PHOTO SOURCE: Google online images]

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