Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In God's Hands -- Father's Day


There are three kinds of family, those you are born to, those that are born to you, and those you let into your heart.

Family Short Story

“As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”  
[~Leonardo da Vinci]

This quotation message says to me that life is best lived in all its richness and fullness, so that at life's end there are no regrets or "I wish I had's".

My prayer for those who have finished their life's journey, is that they went to their rest in peace and with no regrets or unfinished business.

I have lost so many family members and dear friends over the years (through death and otherwise) and I still feel the grief deeply today. It is a great comfort to me to know that you are all there for me whether in spirit or heart.

I have such wonderful memories of those I loved so dearly and I cherish the moments I had with them. They are always in my heart. I feel a sense of peace knowing that they are at rest on their Celestial Porch.

God knows when to call his children home, unfortunately we are never ready when He is.

I know that the pain of losing someone can be almost too much to manage, but I also know that those who have passed at life's end are at peace now and are no longer suffering.

Perhaps we can all take some time today and let the people living, who are dear to us, know that we Love and Cherish them.

For all those Loved ones, who have passed and are lost to us in body and spirit, let's take a moment to let them know we have never stopped holding them in our hearts and memories; and, Thank them for the legacy of love left us.

I am truly blessed to have had so much support through the difficult times.

May God Bless You and Your Families -- Today and Every day.

Love to my dear FAMILY and dear FRIENDS, both here on Earth and those who sit on their Celestial Porch.

Closing Thoughts

Here you have a Family Short Story, which began before we were born and continues after our passing, with our predecessors and our descendants, and the many lives, and hearts that are "touched" by their passage.

We are the legacy of past generations, and all that we have is due to their passions, laughter, and tears during their passage through this life. They gave us the gift of freedom and sit as angels on our shoulder as we walk through the weeds of yesterday and into the garden of tomorrow. When we stumble and fall, remembering past generations lifts us and strengthens our resolve so we can better weather the storm and see the waiting rainbow.

However, this is not the end, for there are other family members and new generations to come. This is just a short story for those family members that are interested in OUR FAMILY STORY and HISTORY.

I feel very honored to be a part of this FAMILY TREE.

I love being a part of the history of this land.

I love that my family were here before me ... and will be here after me.



I post this, for my Father who is ill and probably will not be living to see another Father's Day. I mailed him a letter today at the assisted living facility where he lives (he is age 91) to tell him I am thinking of him on this Father's Day and that I LOVE him.
It is not always a simple or easy thing to 'let go' of past memories, loves, hurts, loss. AND, for some the past has such a strong hold, that it makes the struggle of daily living very difficult. Many feel the 'pull' of past regrets, transgressions, strife, war, and the 'cut' is so deep that there is never a salve to ease the pain or a 'bridge' to help cross from the past to tomorrow. I think of those who serve in the military and who for some the overwhelming demands of war leave a mark on their 'soul' that can never be erased and a burden that must be borne for their lifetime.

This, then, is my tribute to my Father on this Father's Day!

[PHOTO SOURCE: GOOGLE online images --Begonia flower - "Angel Wing"]

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