Saturday, June 25, 2011

LOVE -- Whispers

(I wrote this as a tribute, 25 Jun 2011, to my BELOVED daughter on her 47th Birthday. LOVE you sweetie !!)

Sometimes the threads of LOVE are a silent gesture, a bold token, a thoughtful gift, a sacrifice, a prayer, or whatever ... Woven together, these LOVE threads become a strong bond that can withstand the rigors of life and the tests of time. The bonds become the fabric of our life with all the texture, flourish, whimsy, faith, and strength that make our life rich and full.

Family Lore has many colors and patterns made from these fabrics and LOVE threads that WHISPER IN THE EAR of generations, reminders of our bonds to the past, the hopes of the present, and the promise of the future.

[PHOTO SOURCE: My Photo, My Camera, My Maternal Gram's Peddle non-electric Singer Sewing Machine, that I learned to sew on -- GREAT MEMORIES !!  NOW, the machine is silent and unused; I miss my Gram every moment of every day!!]

                             [PHOTO SOURCE:  GOOGLE online images - quilting]

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