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JENNINGS - Across Generations

Description of SILVER Spoon (front).
On front of spoon arm handle is a capital letter "J" enclosed by a wreath of leaves.  The leaves climb up out of a basket with two flowers (with five petals on each flower) toward the letter "J" at the end of the handle.

(25 Aug 2012)  The distance across the generations is bridged by poetry, prose, letters, books, plays, music, paintings, Family Stories, photos, Bibles, and keepsake heirlooms.  I feel honored to just receive today a very special JENNINGS FAMILY silver spoon keepsake heirloom.   Let me tell you a little bit about the SILVER SPOON and the JENNINGS FAMILY whose hands have 'touched' the spoon before me! 

ANY errors or  inconsistencies in this Short Family Lineage Story are my own, from typing, spelling, or research errors, and will be addressed as time permits and information is gathered.
[Dorothy Hazel Tarr]

JENNINGS FAMILY – SILVER spoon keepsake heirloom

Here is a SILVER spoon that belonged to Mary Grace Jennings Scott, which since her death has been passed down through the generations through her oldest daughter (Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap 1892-1968) and then to Gladys Iona grandson (Dennis Merlin Lynch).  Mary Grace probably got the spoon (or set of spoons) from her parents Mr and Mrs Nathan Brownfield Jennings or her grandparents Mr and Mrs Henry Jennings Junior.

Gladys Iona is my BELOVED grand aunt and the older sister of younger brother Laurel Flynn Scott (1896-1979) (my maternal BELOVED grandfather) and younger brother Clarence Jennings Scott (1900-1943) [See Clarence Jennings Scott BLOG link: ]. 

Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap was the first of six children born to her parents James Alfred Scott and Mary Grace Jennings Scott.  Gladys was married to Forrest Earl Dunlap (1887-1959) on 6 Sep 1911 in Oklahoma, wedding ceremony performed by Frank Ellmore.  Moreover, Forrest Earl Dunlap was the third child of his parents William Andrew Dunlap (1851-1919) and Rhoda Evelyn Kitchen Dunlap (1851-1918).  (Forrest Earl Dunlap was the younger brother of Mary Alice Dunlap Scott.  Mary Alice was the second wife of James Alfred Scot; and so, Mary Alice is my Step-first-great-grandmother.)

Aunt Gladys hand wrote a short note about the history of the spoon and passed both her note and spoon to the son (Dennis Merlin Lynch 1936-still living GOD bless him in August 2012) of her youngest daughter (Leona Gladys Dunlap Lynch 1916-still living GOD bless her in August 2012).  And, Cousin Dennis has been the steward of this KEEPSAKE for many years.

Cousin Dennis (my maternal second cousin) emailed me on 3 Aug 2012, and said that he would like to 'pass on' this precious KEEPSAKE and note to someone in the Family.  I currently have this wonderful SILVER SPOON keepsake heirloom in my possession.



Description of SILVER Spoon (back).
On back of spoon arm handle is o sprig of leaves on the bowl of spoon (with six leaves), the engraving "PAT:  04" "Holmes & Edwards XIV HE", and then a ribbon bow.
Jennings Family Lineage

Mary Grace Jennings Scott (1872-1908) -- was the first wife of James Alfred Scott (1864-1935) and they were married on 13 May 1891 in McPherson County, Kansas, by Reverend Clark.  Mary Grace died as a result of childbirth complications after the birth of her sixth child.  There are photos of Mary Grace and James Alfred on my Ancestry Tree and my BLOG.  [See BLOG link: ].  After Mary Grace died, James Alfred Scott remarried to Mary Alice Dunlap Scott (1878-1957) on 30 Dec 1908 in Oklahoma.

Mary Grace Jennings Scott -- was the first child of six children born to her parents:  Nathan Brownfield Jennings (1845-1932) and Elizabeth Jane Findley Jennings (1847-1913) married on 18 Apr 1871 in Grimes, Cerro Gordo, Iowa. 

Nathan Brownfield -- was the third child of twelve children born to his parents:  Henry Jennings Junior (1806-1890) and Catharine Brownfield Jennings (1816-1894) married on 4 Mar 1840 in Smithfield, Bradford, Pennsylvania. 

Henry Jennings Junior -- was the sixth of eight children born to his parents:   Henry Jennings Senior (1765-1827) and Rhoda Leslie Jennings (1769-1852) married on 25 Mar 1790 probably in Pennsylvania since their first child was born in Pennsylvania. 

Henry Jennings Senior -- was the second of six children born to his parents:   Zebulon Jennings Junior (1735-1776) and Joanna Littell {alternate spellings Lyttle Little) Jennings (1746-1780) married on 17 Jun 1762 in a Presbyterian Church in Westfield, Union County, New Jersey. 

Zebulon Jennings Junior -- was the son of Zebulon Jennings Senior (1709 NJ – 1777 NJ) and Sarah Jennings (1724-1770) married about  1730 in a Presbyterian Church in Westfield, Union County, New Jersey. 

Zebulon Jennings Senior -- was the third of seven sons of Benjamin Jennings (1675- ?) and Sarah Jennings (1710-1770).

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