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A New September's Song

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(1 Sep 2012 – The Summer is just a memory -- a leaf fallen upon cooler days.  The harvest is "in" -- its bounty to preserve for feast, else fast.  Days seen passing so quickly with the shorter sunlight hours.  Time to savor the moment -- before it is Past.  What answer to the question asked by Tomorrow, "How was your Yesterday?"
Below is a letter written by my maternal Cousin Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, when she was only age 15.  In the letter, she weighs the balance of Time, God, worthy pursuits, and Nature's seasons. Thoughts worthy to ponder.
Dorothy Hazel Tarr)



Letter to:          To the same - Mrs. A. P. Strong
Dated:               8 Sep 1846 Boston, Massachusetts
From:                 Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (age 15)
                           (birth December 10, 1830 – death May 15, 1886)
My Dear Friend A., ...
Does it seem as though September had come?  How swiftly summer has fled, and what report has it borne to heaven of misspent time and wasted hours?  Eternity only will answer.  The ceaseless flight of the seasons is to me a very solemn thought; and yet why do we not strive to make a better improvement of them? 

With how much emphasis the poet has said, "We take no note of time but from its loss.  'Twere wise in man to give it then a tongue.  Pay no moment but in just purchase of its worth, and what its worth ask death-beds.  They can tell.  Part with it as with life reluctantly."  Then we have higher authority than that of man for the improvement of our time.  For God has said, "Work while the days last, for the night is coming in the which no man can work."
Let us strive together to part with time more reluctantly, to watch the pinions of fleeting moment until they are dim in the distance, and the new-coming moment claims our attention.  I have perfect confidence in God and His promises, and yet I know not why I feel that the world holds a predominant place in my affections...
Yours affectionate friend,
Emily E. D.

By Emily Dickinson, Martha Dickinson Bianchi
Page 120 on GOOGLE ebooks

Letters of Emily Dickinson
By Emily Dickinson
PAGE 20 on GOOGLE ebooks



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