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(001) AFTER THE BRANCH – Comes the Leaves

[Photo Courtesy Jeannette Scott: Clarence Jennings Scott, age 14 in 1914 Oklahoma]

[Photo Courtesy Jeannette Scott: Clarence Jennings Scott, age 15 in 1915 Oklahoma]



Submitted by: Dorothy Hazel Tarr

This is OUR FAMILY and OUR HISTORY.  It has been an emotional journey of discovery for me while learning about the origins of the FAMILY.  Here you have a brief history of CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT and his parents, siblings, spouse, and children.  This story began before CLARENCE was born and continues after his passing, with his descendants and the many lives and hearts that he "touched".

Brief History
On 14 Aug 1900, CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT was born in Oklahoma, USA.  He was the fourth child of the six children born to his parents. His parents were James Alfred Scott (born 4 Dec 1864 in Ontario, Canada - died on 29 Jul 1935 Delano, Kern, California) and Mary Grace Jennings Scott (born 13 Jun 1872 Iowa - died age 36 on 12 Mar 1908 Manchester County, Oklahoma) and were married 13 May 1891 McPherson County, Kansas.   James Alfred Scott's parents were Jobe W Scott (born 22 Sep 1817 Ontario, Canada - died 8 Dec 1893 USA, probably Kansas; died age 70) and Rebecca Scott (maiden name was Scott) (born 5 Feb 1820 Canada – died 1889 USA probably Kansas).  Mary Grace Jennings Scott's parents were Nathan Brownfield Jennings (1845-1932) and Elizabeth Jane Findley Jennings (1847-1913).  Then on 12 Mar 1908, at age 36, Mary Grace passed away from hemorrhaging and complications after the birth of her sixth child.  James Alfred Scott married again on 30 Dec 1908, in Oklahoma, to his second wife Mary Alice Dunlap Scott (born Feb 1878 Illinois - died 6 Dec 1957 California).  Her parents were William Andrew Dunlap Junior (1851-1919) and Rhoda Evelyn Kitchen Dunlap (1851-1918).  In 1909, a son was born to James Alfred Scott and his second spouse Mary Alice Dunlap Scott.  James William Dunlap Scott (born 19 Nov 1909 Manchester County, Oklahoma - died 6 Apr 1979 Delano, Kern, California) was given Mary Alice's maiden name for his middle name.  He was called "Dunlap" by family and friends, and went by the name of J.W. Dunlap Scott, and was the younger half-brother-sibling to CLARENCE.  On 12 Sep 1918, CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT was age 18, single, and working on the family farm in Manchester, Oklahoma, and living with his parents, when he registered for World War I Draft in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma.  Per the 1920 US Census, CLARENCE was age 20, single, and living as a boarder with his older brother Raymond Cyril Scott (1894-1961) and his brother's wife Dora Burnett Scott (1901-1979) in Lomita, Los Angeles, CA.  On 10 Nov 1928, CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT was married to Mary Genevieve Geneve Shackelford Scott (born 28 Mar 1901 California – died 6 Nov 1983 Bakersfield, California).  They had three children: Donald Eugene Scott Senior (born 8 Feb 1931 Kern County, CA – died 15 May 1993 Bakersfield, CA); Marcia Gaylene Scott (b 1 Jun 1933 Kern County, CA); and Jacqueline Louise Scott Dirkes (born 12 Jul 1933 in Los Angeles  - died 17 Feb 1990 in San Luis Obispo, CA). Mary Genevieve Geneve was the daughter of Walter Clarence Shackelford (1881-1964) and Mary LaVerne Rodgers "Mollie" Evans Shackelford (1885-1967). On 20 Jul 1943, CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT passed away in Solano, California.  My maternal Aunt "Nette" Jeannette Scott Wilmoth Alvarez said that CLARENCE passed away after being in an accident where he worked in California.  Aunt "Nette" said, "UNCLE CLARENCE was killed at a defense plant up near San Jose, California, I think.  He went outside to get something and a big tripod of timber fell on him."

Lineage Notes
CLARENCE was the younger brother of Laurel Flynn Scott.  Laurel was the father of my maternal Aunt "Nette" Jeannette Scott Wilmoth Alvarez and my mother Dorothy Helen Scott-Tarr.  Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap (1892-1968), oldest child of James Alfred Scott and Mary Grace Jennings Scott), was the older sister of CLARENCE and Laurel Flynn Scott (1896-1979).  Laurel Flynn Scott was the husband of Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott (1897-1980) (these two were my Maternal Grandparents).

Closing Thoughts  
Here are just some of the surnames of the many descendants and extended family members in the Family Branch of CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT.  As you look for your surname, pause and ponder the many Leaves on this Branch of our Family Tree and how the list will grow through the years -- long after today.


[Photo Courtesy my Maternal Grand Aunt Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap: Clarence Jennings Scott, age 14 in 1914 Oklahoma]

Three young guys "HORSING" around (the mule "OLD BOB" is just doing his business and eating and munching away!!  THE SCOTT Family always named their mule(s) "OLD BOB" through the years!!!!  This photo (which is over 90 years old) contains at my best guess according to what is written on the back: CLARENCE JENNINGS SCOTT (about age 14) and brother Zara Harold Scott (1904-1956, about age 10).  (NOTE: The other two young guys may be: James Slacks (about age 14) and Franklin S Bennett (1899-1979, about age 15, younger brother to my Maternal Gram Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott).  CLARENCE and Zara are the sons of James Alfred Scott and the younger brothers my Maternal-Grandfather Laurel Flynn Scott's (so CLARENCE and Zara are my Maternal-Grand-Uncles).  NOTE: Their parents were James Alfred Scott and his first wife Mary Grace Jennings Scott.


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