Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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(1 Feb 2012 –  Below is a poem written by my maternal Cousin Emily Elizabeth Dickinson where she speaks in poetry of LOVE not understood – despite the use of words or wisdom.  ENJOY the genius of this poetess!  dht)


[Emily Elizabeth Dickinson Poem #568] 

We learned the Whole of Love –
The Alphabet – the Words –
A Chapter – then the mighty Book –
Then – Revelation closed –

But in Each Other's eyes
An Ignorance beheld –
Diviner than the Childhood's –
And each to each, a Child – 

Attempted to expound
What Neither – understood –
Alas, that Wisdom is so large –
And Truth – so manifold!


How many words are needed to tell those you LOVE what is in your HEART?  How long the verse?  The Chapter?  The Book?  Perhaps LOVE cannot be explained in words -– the Language of the HEART!  
The saying is in the showing – not the verb!  
[Dorothy Hazel Tarr]

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