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Our Family Connection to White House !

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[In any Family History, there are many lineage threads that surprise, delight, and reward the Family Researcher.  While traversing the threads of my maternal Family Lineage, I was amazed with our Family Connections to the Presidents of the United States – common descent, lineage, and Ancestry.  WOW!  Submitted by: Dorothy Hazel Tarr]


My venture of discovery began while researching my lineage and following a branch of my maternal Family, and I was delighted to find (again) how the Family has played so many roles in the events of history.  Below I've listed just some of the interesting source LINKS that tell the Family Story in great depth – and I have found that reading these is more than just learning about history, it's learning about the Family.

NOTE:  ANY errors or inconsistencies in this Short Family Lineage Story are my own, from typing, spelling, or research errors, and will be addressed as time permits and information is gathered.  Comments are welcomed in the spirit they are offered to this compiler.

LOVE MY FAMILY TREE and all the Tangled Branches!


FAMILY BRANCHES -- not just lineage, but history

First Generation in America
Henry Adams I (1583-1646) and wife Edith Squire (emigrated from Braintree, England with their children (their sons; Lieutenant Henry Adams II (1604-1676), Lieutenant Thomas Adams (1612-1688), Deacon Jonathan Adams (1614-1690), Captain Samuel Adams (1616-1688), Peter (1622-1690), John (1622-1706), Joseph Adams Senior (1626-1694), and Ensign Edward Adams (1629-1716), and one daughter Ursula Adams(1619-1679) and settled in Massachusetts Colony in the 1630s.

Captain Samuel Adams {one of the sons of Henry Adams I and Edith Squire Adams} and his wife Rebecca Graves Adams are the Eighth-Great-Grandparents of President John Calvin Coolidge Junior, the 30th  President of the United States of America. 
President John Calvin Coolidge Junior is the only President to be sworn into office by his father.   His parents were John Calvin Coolidge Senior and Victoria Josephine Moor. 
President John Calvin Coolidge Junior shares a common Delano ancestry with 32nd USA President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and 18th USA President Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant).  He shares a common Littlefield ancestry with 13th USA President Millard Fillmore.  He shares a common Cogswell ancestry with 2nd USA President John Adams Junior and 6th USA President John Quincy Adams Senior as well as with 31st USA President Herbert Clark Hoover's wife Lou Henry Hoover.  He shares a common descent from Henry Squire with 2nd USA President John Adams, 6th USA President John Quincy Adams, 13th USA President Millard Fillmore and 27th USA President William Howard Taft.  He shares a common descent from William Talvas Le Despenser with 1st USA President George Washington, 32nd USA President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 29th USA President Warren Gamaliel Harding, 41st USA President George Herbert Walker Bush, and 43rd USA President George Walker Bush as well as with Princess Diana (Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales), Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (born William Arthur Philip Louis), Prince Harry of Wales (born Henry Charles Albert David) and Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.

I share a common ancestry and direct descent with the SPENCER lineage, JENNINGS / JENNENS lineage, and PAYNE / PAINE lineage through my maternal First-Great-Grandmother Mary Grace Jennings Scott (1872-1908) (her spouse is James Alfred Scott, 1864-1935) and First-Great-Grandmother Minerva Frances Hayes Bennett (1853-1935) (her spouse is James Jones Bennett, 1851-1934).  Both of my First Great Grandmothers were farmers wives, lived near each other in Rosedale, Oklahoma, and went to the same Church of Christ that their spouses built.  Their children (Laurel Flynn Scott 1896-1979, son of Mary Grace and James Alfred Scott) and (Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott 1897-1980, daughter of Minerva Frances and James Jones Bennett) married and were my maternal Grandparents.  My mother Dorothy Helen Scott Tarr 1923-1982, was the third of seven children born to Laurel Flynn Scott and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott.

Source Links for above and Genealogical relationships of USA Presidents:

Lieutenant Henry Adams II (about 1604-1676), {one of the sons of Henry Adams I and Edith Squire Adams} on 17 Nov 1643 in Braintree, Massachusetts, married my maternal-eighth-great-grand-Aunt Elizabeth Payne Adams (alternate spelling for "Payne" is "Paine") (1620-1676) and settled in Medfield, Massachusetts.  Moreover, Lieutenant Henry Adams II and Aunt Elizabeth Payne Adams were also the maternal-fifth-Great-Grandparents of Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (10 Dec 1830 – 15 May 1886) {Emily is my maternal DNA Cousin and a much remembered and honored female American poet}.  Aunt Elizabeth Payne Adams' older brother was John Payne (1615-1690), my maternal-eighth-great-grandfather.  The father of the siblings John Payne and Elizabeth Payne Adams -- was ENSIGN Moses Payne Esquire (1581-1643), my maternal-ninth-great-grandfather and Emily Elizabeth Dickinson's maternal-sixth-great-grandfather.  WHEW!  The leaves on our FAMILY TREE are full of surprises!

Second Generation in America
Son of Henry Adams I and Edith Squire Adams:   Captain Joseph Adams Senior (1626-1691) married Abigail Baxter Adams of Boston in 1650.

Third Generation in America
Son of Joseph Adams Senior and Abigail Baxter Adams:  Joseph Adams Junior (1654-1705), was married three times.  His first wife, Mary Chapin Adams, died in 1687; the following year he married Hannah Bass Adams (1662-1705), the daughter of John Bass and Ruth Alden Bass.  [SPECIAL NOTE:  Through Ruth Alden Bass, the Adams' were descended from Mayflower Pilgrims John and Priscilla Alden.] 
Joseph Adams Junior's third wife, after the death of Hannah Bass Adams, was Elizabeth Hobart Adams.

Fourth Generation in America
Son of Joseph Adams Junior and Hannah Bass Adams:  John Adams Senior (born 1691– died 1761) who married Susanna Boylston Adams.

Fifth Generation in America
Son of John Adams Senior and Susanna Boylston Adams:  President John Adams Junior the SECOND PRESIDENT of the United States of America (born 1735– died 1826) who married his third cousin Abigail Smith Adams Senior.

Sixth Generation in America
Son of President John Adams Junior and Abigail Smith Adams Senior:  President John Quincy Adams Senior the SIXTH PRESIDENT of the United States of America (1767-1848) who married Louisa Catherine Johnson Senior.

Here you have a Short Family Story of my BELOVED Maternal Family Branch.  This story began before they were born and continues after their passing, with their descendants and the many lives and hearts that they "touched".
However, this is not the beginning for there are other family members that traveled this path before, and this is not the end for new generations are yet to come.  This is just a short story for those family members that are interested in OUR FAMILY STORY and HISTORY.
I feel very honored to be a part of this FAMILY TREE.
I love being a part of the history of this land.
I love that my family were here before me ... and will be here after me.



USA President #2 -- John Adams Junior (term of office 1797-1801) born 30 Oct 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts [now called Quincy, Massachusetts], died at age 90 on 4 Jul 1826 in Quincy, Massachusetts.

On 25 Oct 1764 at Weymouth, Massachusetts, John Adams Junior married his third cousin Abigail Smith Adams Senior (born 1744 - died 1818), the daughter of Reverend William Smith, a Congregational minister.

The children of President John Adams Junior and Abigail Smith Adams Senior were:   (NOTE:  Abigail gave birth to six children, of which four grew to adulthood.)
Abigail "Nabby" Adams (1765-1813), who married William Stephens Smith and had four children:  William Steuben Smith, John Adams Smith, Thomas Hollis Smith, and Caroline Amelia Smith.
John Quincy Adams Senior (1767-1848), who became the SIXTH PRESIDENT of the United States of America.
Susanna Adams (1768-1770).
Charles Adams (1770-1800), who married Sarah Smith and had two children:  Susanna Boylston Adams and Abigail Louisa Adams.
Thomas Boylston Adams (1772-1832), who married Ann Harrod and had seven children:  Abigail Smith Adams, Elizabeth Coombs Adams, Thomas Boylston Adams, Isaac Hull Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Joseph Harrod Adams.
Elizabeth Adams (stillborn 1777 but never forgotten).

USA President John Adams Junior was raised a Congregationalist, since his ancestors were puritans.  According to his biographer David McCullough, "as his family and friends knew, Adams was both a devout Christian, and an independent thinker".  In a letter to Benjamin Rush, President John Adams Junior credited religion with the success of his ancestors after their migration to the New World in the 1630s; see below Henry Adams I (1583-1646).

Historian Joseph Ellis has found that the twelve hundred letters between President John Adams Junior and Abigail "constituted a treasure trove of unexpected intimacy and candor, more revealing than any other correspondence between a prominent American husband and wife in American history."  Ellis (2011) says that Abigail, although self-educated, was a better and more colorful letter-writer than President John Adams Junior, even though he was one of the best letter-writers of the age.  Ellis argues that Abigail was the more resilient and more emotionally balanced of the two, and calls her one of the most extraordinary women in American history.

On July 4, 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, President John Adams Junior died at his home in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Told that it was the Fourth of July, he answered clearly, "It is a great day.  It is a good day."  His last words have been reported as "Thomas Jefferson survives" (Jefferson himself, however, had died hours before he did).  President John Adams Junior's death left Charles Carroll of Carrollton as the last surviving signatory of the Declaration of Independence.  President John Adams Junior died while his son President John Quincy Adams Senior was president.
His crypt lies at United First Parish Church (also known as the Church of the Presidents) in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Originally, President John Quincy Adams Senior was buried in Hancock Cemetery, across the road from the United First Parish Church.  Until his record was broken by Ronald Reagan in 2001, President John Quincy Adams Senior was the nation's longest-living President (90 years, 247 days) maintaining that record for 175 years.

Abigail Smith Adams Senior was an advocate of married women's property rights and more opportunities for women, particularly in the field of education.  Women, she believed, should not submit to laws not made in their interest, nor should they be content with the simple role of being companions to their husbands.  They should educate themselves and thus be recognized for their intellectual capabilities, so they could guide and influence the lives of their children and husbands.

Abigail Smith Adams Senior, as well as her husband President John Quincy Adams Senior, was an active member of First Parish Church in Quincy, which became Unitarian in doctrine by 1753.  Like her husband President John Quincy Adams Senior, her theological views evolved over the course of her life.

Abigail Smith Adams Senior counted among her ancestors the leaders of the Congregationalist Church in the Massachusetts Colony and the prominent Quincy Family.  Through the latter, she was a descendant of the House of Beaufort, an illegitimate branch of the English House of Plantagenet, making her a distant cousin to King George III, who was King of the United Kingdom during the American Revolution.

Abigail Smith Adams Senior is the daughter of Reverend William Smith and his wife Elizabeth Quincy Smith.  Abigail was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1744, where her father was a Congregationalist Minister.  Abigail's mother, Elizabeth Quincy, was born in 1721 in Braintree, Massachusetts, the daughter of John Quincy and Elizabeth Norton.  John Quincy was Speaker of the Massachusetts Assembly and part of the Governor's council.

JUST A PERSONAL NOTE HERE:  I was married to my spouse Dale Russell Jones Shoudy in the Congregational Church in Belmont, California on 30 Nov 1963.  Dale and I were divorced on 19 Jan 1979 in San Jose, California.

Abigail Smith Adams Senior died on October 28, 1818, of typhoid fever.  She is buried beside her husband President John Quincy Adams Senior in a crypt located in the United First Parish Church (also known as the Church of the Presidents) in Quincy, Massachusetts.  She was 73 years old, exactly two weeks shy of her 74th birthday.  Her last words were, "Do not grieve, my friend, my dearest friend.  I am ready to go.  And John, it will not be long."

The parents of President John Adams Junior are John Adams Senior (born 1691– died 1761) and Susanna Boylston Adams.  While President John Adams Junior did not speak much of his mother later in life, he commonly praised his father and was very close to him as a child.  President John Adams Junior's birthplace is now part of Adams National Historical Park.

John Adams Senior was a farmer, a cobbler, a Congregationalist (that is, Puritan) deacon in his church, a lieutenant in the militia and a selectman, or town councilman, who supervised schools and roads.  He was often referred to as "Deacon John," reflecting his religious role and differentiating him from his son President John Adams Junior.  John Adams Senior's wife Susanna Boylston Adams was a descendant of the Boylstons of Brookline.

John Adams Senior (1691-1761), was the second-great-grandson of Henry Adams I (1583-1646), who emigrated from Braintree, Essex, England to Massachusetts about 1640.  Henry Adams I was born in 1583 in Barton, St. David, Somersetshire, England.  He died on Saturday, 6 Oct 1646 at Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts Colony, at age 63 years, 8 months and 15 days and is buried in the Hancock Cemetery, Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.  His grave marker is inscribed: "HERE LYETH THE BODY OF HENRY ADAMS FOUNDER OF THE BRAINTREE BRANCH OF THE ADAMS FAMILY IN AMERICA BURIED IN THIS CEMETERY OCT. 8, 1846".  Henry Adams Senior's Will was proved (called probated today) 8 Jun 1647.  Henry Adams Senior emigrated from Somerset in England to Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1633 with his wife, sons, and a daughter Ursula Adams.  The Colonial authorities at Boston allotted to Henry Adams Senior 40 acres of land at Mount Wollaston, Massachusetts, which was incorporated in 1640 as Braintree Township, Massachusetts, for the ten persons in his family, 24 Feb 1639-40.  This land included what are now Quincy, Braintree, and Randolph, in Massachusetts.

Henry Adams I was the youngest son of four children of John Adams (1555-1604), also of Barton, St. David, Somersetshire, England, and Agnes Stone Adams (about 1556 – 1615).  Henry Adams I married Edith Squire, daughter of Henry Squire.  Their children:  Lieutenant  Henry Adams II (1604-1676), Lieutenant Thomas Adams (1612-1688), Deacon Jonathan Adams (1614-1690), Captain Samuel Adams (1616-1688), Ursula Adams Streeter Hosier Robinson Crafts (1619-1679), Peter Adams (1622-1690), John Adams (1622-1706), Joseph Adams Senior (1626-1694), and Ensign Edward Adams (1629-1716).

Henry Adams I and all his known ancestors were Yeomen famers from Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England.  Henry Adams I was also a maltster {a person who makes or deals in malt}.

Henry Adams I with his large family seems to have preferred settling near the coast and thus settled at Mount Wollaston,  Massachusetts Colony (later called Braintree and now called Quincy, Massachusetts), and became a farmer.  Henry Adams I's biographers do not associate him with the more radical and religious Puritans, nor with the liberal and outlawed Pilgrims, but rather see him and other followers of Reverend John White as adventurers, seeking a new world where the boundaries of a class society could be overcome.

Henry Adams I's emigration to America was probably brought about through his wife Edith Squire Adams' connection with Aquila Purchase and Thomas Purchase, two of the leading parishioners and associates of Reverend John White, Rector of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, organizer in 1623 of the "Dorchester Adventurers", and a great advocate for the colonization of New England.  Aquila Purchase was Master of Trinity School in Dorchester, Dorset, England; emigrant to New England {USA}; and married on 28 Jan 1614 to Ann Squire {sister of Edith Squire, who married Henry Adams I}.

Henry Adams I was also the paternal-second-great-grandfather of Samuel Adams Junior (born 27 Sep 1722 – died 2 Oct 1803), the great patriot, orator, statesman, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, political philosopher, one of the architects of the principles of American Republicanism, and signer in 1776 of the Declaration of Independence; and Samuel Adams Junior was second cousin to President John Adams Junior (the second PRESIDENT of the USA).  And, Joseph Adams Senior (1625-1694) and his wife Abigail Baxter (1634-1692) were the paternal grandparents of Samuel Adams Junior.

There is a granite column erected to Henry Adam Senior's memory by President John Adams Junior, his great-great-grandson, with the following inscription:

"In Memory of HENRY ADAMS Who took his flight from the Dragon persecution in Devonshire in England, and alighted with eight sons, near Mount Wollaston.  One of the sons returned to England, and after taking time to explore the country, four removed to Medfield and the neighboring towns.  Two to Chelmsford.  One only, Joseph, who lies here at his left hand, remained here, who was an Original Proprietor in the Township of Braintree, incorporated in 1639.  This stone and several others have been placed in this yard, by a great-great grandson, from a veneration of the piety, humility, simplicity, prudence, patience, temperance, frugality, industry and perseverance, of his Ancestors, in hopes of recommending an imitation of their virtues to their posterity." ...  Erected December 1823.


USA President #6 --  President John Quincy Adams Senior (term of office 1825-1829), born on 11 Jul 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts, died 23 Feb 1848 and buried at the First Parish Church in Quincy, Massachusetts {son of USA President #2 John Adams Junior and Abigail Smith Adams).  President John Adams Junior is now part of Adams National Historical Park and open to the public.  John Quincy Adams Senior was named for his mother's maternal grandfather, Colonel John Quincy, after whom Quincy, Massachusetts, is named.  

John Quincy Adams Senior married Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams SR (born 12 Feb 1775 London, England – died at age 77 on 15 May 1852 in Washington, D. C.), the daughter of an American merchant, in a ceremony at the church of All Hallows-by-the-Tower, London, England.

Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams SR was sickly, plagued by migraine headaches and frequent fainting spells.  [JUST A PERSONAL NOTE HERE:  I have also been plagued by migraine headaches, as were my maternal Grandfather Laurel Flynn Scott, and my Aunt "Nette" Scott, daughter of Laurel Flynn Scott.]  Louisa Catherine had several miscarriages over the course of their marriage.  President John Adams Senior and Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams SR had the following children:
  • George Washington Adams (1801–1829), lawyer
  • John Quincy Adams JR (1803–1834), presidential aide.
  • Charles Francis Adams (1807–1886), diplomat, public official, and author
  • Louisa Catherine Adams JR (1811–1812)
President John Adams Senior remains the only president to have a First Lady born outside of the United States.  Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams SR was First Lady of the United States from 1825 to 1829.  President John Adams Senior and his father President John Adams Junior, were the FIRST FATHER AND SON Presidents of the United States of America.

On 21 Feb 1848, the House of Representatives was discussing the matter of honoring US Army officers who served in the Mexican–American War.  John Quincy Adams Senior firmly opposed this idea, so when the rest of the house erupted into 'ayes', he cried out, 'No!'  John Quincy Adams Senior rose to answer a question put forth by the Speaker of the House.  Immediately thereafter, Adams collapsed, having suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage.  Two days later, on February 23, John Quincy Adams Senior died with his wife and son at his side in the Speaker's Room inside the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.  His last words were "This is the last of earth.  I am content."  John Quincy Adams Senior passed away at 7:20 P.M on 23 Feb 1848.

President John Quincy Adams Senior and First Lady Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams SR are entombed, as well as John Quincy Adams Senior's parents President John Adams Junior and First Lady Abigail Adams SR, in the United First Parish Church in Quincy, Massachusetts (also known as the Church of the Presidents).  President John Quincy Adams Senior s original interment was temporary, in the public vault at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C.  Later, he was interred in the family burial ground in Quincy across from the First Parish Church, called Hancock Cemetery.  After President John Quincy Adams Senior wife's death, his son, Charles Francis Adams, had him reinterred with his wife in the expanded family crypt in the United First Parish Church across the street, next to his parents.  Both tombs are viewable by the public.  President John Quincy Adams Senior's original tomb at Hancock Cemetery is still there and marked simply "J.Q. Adams".

SPECIAL NOTE:  In 1779, President John Quincy Adams Senior began a diary that he kept until just before he died in 1848.  The massive fifty volumes are one of the most extensive collections of first-hand information from the period of the early republic, and are widely cited by modern historians.

REMEMBERED NOTE:  President John Quincy Adams Senior occasionally is featured in the mass media.  In the PBS miniseries The Adams Chronicles (1976), he was portrayed by David Birney, William Daniels, Marcel Trenchard, Stephen Austin, Steven Grover, and Mark Winkworth.  He was also portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the 1997 film Amistad, and again by Ebon Moss-Bachrach in the 2008 HBO television miniseries John Adams; the HBO series received criticism for needless historical and temporal distortions in its portrayal.


Sources of Adams Family lineage.


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