Friday, June 8, 2012


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(8 June 2012 – There are no Rules for Grief, no Timeline for Mourning, and no Rules of Etiquette for Bereavement.  My own Mourning began in 1962 and leaves its brush strokes of Grief on the canvas that is my Heart.  dht)


The images in my head are of memories – liken to distant dreams – that sadden my Heart, mute my voice, and dampen my cheeks.

Soft voices murmur whispers of remembered times spent with those loved – yet lost in the Past.

Those precious few memories reside now in the cemetery of my Heart. 

My Life's Journey has become a Story of woe and sorrow.

Each Day is a wake – a funeral – celebrating the hallowed Past. 

The Present offers only numbness and regret – A Mourning of those loved and lost.

[Dorothy Hazel Tarr]

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