Sunday, February 20, 2011


                      [PHOTO SOURCE: National Geographic online images]


WHERE goes the day
Down yesternight's passage

How blind today's privilege
Lost fast in yesterday's grasp

Tomorrow's dream a pledge
Whence nature's precedence assures

Breast expanse upon deep breath
While shallow essence sums life's interval

What key holds true for grantor's trust
Whilst surety and worth stand anon
Time bespoke metered sameness
Whose vowel foretold spoiled fortune

Ribbons linger as fragments
Where once whole, a heart full

Shattered spectrum of hopes
Cast away on ocean's tears

Love's gamble played and lost
Age of regret the debt

Once concealed by life's chains
Now released by nature's bail

What hostage behind the threshold
Where compromise affords release

What sound the closing door
What venue the open window

What knock insures a beggars entrance
What token barters the price



In this offering:

What do you notice about the words? Their meaning? Punctuation? Sentence structure? Pairing of Sentences? First word, middle, or last words of Sentences? What words could be substituted? What connection words added for clarity? What meaning of your own would you assign to these words, phrases, sentences?

--------------- OR, Why didn't you just say so! ---------------

Today is just a memory that has passed into yesterday.

Thoughts of yesterday blind you to the beauty of today.

Tomorrow is a new beginning as sure as the sun will rise.

Now the lungs expands, as if you had been living with too little air for a long time, where before your breaths were shallow and the pain too great for deep breathing.

What is the secret to giving your trust to another, while other(s) do nothing to earn and secure your trust?

The rest of your life will be nothing but more of the same ... misfortune.

The ones you LOVED the most in this world, have all cut away a piece of your heart, until all is left are tattered ribbons of melancholy and despair.

A bright future so full of a kaleidoscope of hopes lays shattered, lost and washed away with oceans of tears.

It may be better for some to LOVE and LOSE, than never to LOVE at all; but what price must be paid and for what duration.

The years of aching emptiness and pain are camouflaged in life's daily routine, but soon there will be an end to the pain as nature ends its hold to death's surrender.

Where are the words of forgiveness and compromise that release pain's grip on a broken heart?

The silence of the closing door confuses the opening of a window; as the lack of plain speaking confuses the path to understanding.

What will it cost the one who knocks; and what more must the one who knocks surrender?



PHOTO CAPTION -- or just a few words to go with the PIX.

It is astonishing how a few short phrases pierce the gray of your world with a single beam of light. [DOROTHY HAZEL TARR, dht-2011]


How sharp the contrast between

the heart's abode now worn with time's despair


the gaping mawe of fate with

its distant vistas casting new shades of meaning

on another world (another life, another time, another place)

filled with vibrant colors, sweet breaths, soft gentle breezes,

and LOVE's warm embrace.



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