Monday, February 21, 2011

SPRINGTIME in my Garden

                     [PHOTOS SOURCE: my camera—my garden, a "Brandy Rose"]

(I wrote this , 21 Feb 2011, and took some photos, just awed and inspired by the wonders happening in my garden with the arrival of Spring in California!)


I hear the remembered sounds of a spring
dawn in my garden
Bird song tempts me closer to my window—
camera at the ready
I thrust back the draperies
to reveal the restoration of my garden in full progress
Spring has arrived!

Flower blossoms greet the welcome blessings of sunlight
Butterflies flirt on petals
Bees conduct honeyed business
Hummingbirds anoint and twitter
Robins forage and primp

 A WALTZ is played –
the tune, the lyrics, and
the rites of SPRING!



                               [PHOTOS SOURCE: my camera—my garden, "Canna"]

                  [PHOTOS SOURCE: my camera—my garden, "Iris and Petter Pan"]

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