Wednesday, November 9, 2011


(9 NOV 2011 -  The tears in my eyes are NOT really from sadness, but rather from Nostalgia, as I look in the back view mirror again at all that has passed and will never come again. dht) 

As I walk in the twilight of my Life, it seems as though the past somehow reaches out to me – holding me captive in time – with Invisible Hands.

Memories flood my senses and mist clouds my vision – my surroundings are muted as heartfelt images of bygone days fill my eyes.

Remembering people, places, and events and wishing they had not changed, died, or passed so quickly – OH, Nostalgia's Bittersweet Sting.
[Dorothy Hazel Tarr – 2011]

[Photo Source: Photos of a Family and Lost Love]

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