Friday, October 21, 2011

MEMORIES – The Unbreakable Bonds

[Photos:   30 Nov 1963--Memories of my wedding, my spouse, my Heart. (GROOM-Dale Russell Jones Shoudy, GROOM Mom in Dark Blue and blond hair- June Grace Wolfe Jones Shoudy; BRIDE-Dorothy Hazel Tarr, BRIDE Mom in Light Blue and hat- Dorothy Helen Scott Tarr]

(The memories are fresh in my Heart, yet the images are as faded as these photos.  So many youthful hopes – unrealized and unfulfilled.  Love lost in the wake of passing years and tears.  However, for the Heart, there is no timeline.  dht-21 OCT 2011.)

As I behold all my treasured keepsakes and mementos,
my sense of déjà vu deepens. 
My Heart lives in the bosom of my past,
where memories of Family and Love reside.

If I close my eyes, I am transported once again
to a Time and Place all too familiar –
for I'm a frequent visitor
that is embraced in Welcome by my memories.

My visits are more frequent and
prolonged with each passing year. 
The simple pleasures of Hearth and Home –
strong lures.

 My memories – the unbreakable bonds of Homecoming.

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