Wednesday, August 10, 2011


(I wrote this, 10 Aug 2011, thinking of remembered days gone by and yet to come, where the DREAMS and hope of youth were full of sinew and vigor, enough to withstand the frailty of today, if I hold THEM close.)


 In the dark mist of night, my DREAMS are alive,
where sweet Promises of Love and Romance thrive.

 As a welcome visitor, I walk pathways of lore,
where once Life's Promises held treasures galore.

In the light of day, my DREAMS survive,
where day's bitter struggles threaten, yet revive.

 As Tomorrow draws near, I hold dear to my heart,
where once wistful reflections, delayed my start.

In the nostalgia of days bygone, my DREAMS mourn,
where hope's bounty deep, so spent on morn'.

As ever faith in Future's turn, I yearn for that missed,
where museful pondering, render potential's remiss.

[PHOTO SOURCE:  GOOGLE online images]

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