Thursday, August 11, 2011


(On 11 Aug 2011, I wrote this thinking of all the special moments in my Life that I took for granted at the time of their reign; and now in the twilight of my Life at the last juncture, I look longingly at those passed moments WISHING I knew then what I know now. Perhaps if I make a WISH on a dandelion, the seeds would drift into another dimension where VISITS are permitted to Special Moments—even if only in Day Dreams.)


While Sentiments against a Lavender sky reveal,
the meaning of enchantment commands my senses
with uncustomary frenzy.

As composure challenges the Dimensions of temptation,
strange depths affirm my Fey's Obsession.

Whether in the pale mist of morning,
the heat of Noon, or the cool of the Night,
Mystic Fey Voyagers find nuances in contented accord.

In a place out of time, a small sadness,
long buried surfaces in my Heart,
at knowing I would Never See these Moments again.


 [PHOTO SOURCE: GOOGLE online images]

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