Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PATH -- Waiting for a Sign

                             [PHOTO SOURCE: National Geographic online images]



I gave a ragged cry of despair at the losses in my life (youth, innocence, health, family, love, money, opportunity ...). In my heart, I heard a consoling voice.

Do not weep. As the winds of time blow across the land, all must find their path. You will see your path; it will be written in the sand and dust, and whispered in the breeze. Then you will know. It may not be the path you desire; but it will be the path you are meant to follow.

NOTE:  I chose this PIX to pair with my words, for to me, it graphically depicts a structure showing the ravages of time and sand, where there is no life, where there is no path. There's just lots of dust waiting for some stupid sign about some stupid path to be written in the dry, hot wind.

Here are the thoughts my Kindred Spirit and Cousin proffered about this posting:

The photo fits perfectly with the words; "winds of time blow across the land ... sand and dust ..." . Good job. Photo reminds me of visiting ghost towns in California; always interesting imagining the people who lived there and what their lives were like.

As humans we are usually wrong when we say "there is no life" when what we mean is that there is no sign of "human" life. What is wonderful about this pix is that is shows absolute signs of life, of nature reclaiming yet another abandoned human structure ... and life goes on.

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