Thursday, March 3, 2011


               [PHOTO SOURCE: National Geographic online images]


WHAT sweet poetry of NATURE'S anthem
resides in this inhospitable shell

WHAT mental stream of consciousness
keynotes a monologue of regret

WHAT creature exists on Earth's plane
at the changing mercy of NATURE'S whimsy

WHAT awaits the searcher
at the gong of life's end clock

WHAT unanswered calls of yesterday
go unsaid today and forgotten tomorrow

WHAT new dawn foretells
of fortunes lost on yesterday dreams

WHAT spent passion wounds
there cauterized by heartache

WHAT layers yet to unfold
reveal repeating patterns of yesterday shadows

WHAT sweet NATURE does restore
the balance and chase away demons

WHAT instrument NATURE's brandish
doth level the sharpness of lingering regret

WHAT rich nectar of NATURE does sustain
through moments of despair with assurance all's well


This is "sweet poetry" indeed!  The poem goes so well with the picture.  The thing that first caught my attention was the circular patterns in the photo and the poem seems to be of things 'coming around', changing, the "circle of life" (so to speak).  I would venture to say the above questions might be part of your creative process.  "... phantoms, demons, shadows await the explorer" to be sure, but adventure, beauty, and solitude also await.  Although the season is irrelevant (to me), I feel it is late Summer or early Fall ... and I am a "participant", i.e., it is me in the photo standing outside the tent - waiting for my companion to return (notice the two sleeping bags) and enjoy the perfect moment-in-time together.

"OH MY WORD! YOU have such a poetic SOUL and NATURE! YOU 'see' what is only revealed by the inner heart! YOU are truly one of the NATURE'S BLESSED!! [dht-2011]

Twice BLESSED are ye who see the heart where time and 'stance masks!"

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”
[C. Pissarro]

In this offering: What do you notice about the words? Their meaning? Sentence structure? Pairing of Sentences? First word, middle, or last words of Sentences? What words could be substituted? What connection words added for clarity? What meaning of your own would you assign to these words, phrases, sentences?
--------------- OR, Why didn't you just say so! ---------------
WHAT patterns do you see in this PIX?
WHAT mysteries of NATURE come to mind?
WHAT phantoms, demons, shadows await the explorer?
WHAT season is this?
WHAT time of day's cycle?
WHAT abode? Permanent? Temporal?
WHAT are you? Participant? Observer? Advisor? Companion? Uninvolved? Disinterested?
Don't give a 'hoot' or 'whistle'?
JUST an interesting PIX and some jumble of syllables?

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