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[PHOTO SOURCE:  Church of Christ, Delano, California, about 1942.  A photo from my box of family photos given to me by my Beloved maternal Aunt Gladys Iona Scott Dunlap (1892-1968).]

Family Short Story

In the 1950s (I was about 6 years old), I was living with my Maternal Grandparents LAUREL FLYNN SCOTT and (BETTY) MARY ELIZABETH BENNETT SCOTT on a tenant farm in the rural Township of Pond in Central California.  The first Church I remember attending was with my wonderful Maternal Grandparents at the Church of Christ in Delano, California.  The Church did not have a children's program or Sunday School, and the children stayed with the adults during services, so I sat with my Grandpa and Gram during the Church Service.  Sometimes I would fall asleep with my head in the lap of my maternal Gram Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Bennett Scott (1897-1980).  Many times, I sat on the floor at their feet and quietly played with coloring books. 
Going to that Church of Christ was not something we did every Sunday, for Grandpa worked VERY HARD on the tenant farm, and making time to travel the long drive to town was NOT always possible for a farmer.  (A photo of this Church of Christ taken about 1942 is posted here above.)

After Church service, everyone would leave the Church and assemble by the front door near or on the front door steps of the Church of Christ.  IF THOSE STEPS COULD SPEAK, how many stories would be heard!!!  While the grown-ups visited, I played with the other kids on the front lawn.  It seemed to me that the grown-ups took FOREVER doing their visiting and talking!!

 It was not until I was a grown-up, that I learned that my Grandpa Laurel Flynn Scott (1896-1979) and his older brother Raymond Cyril Scott (1894-1961) founded that small town Church of Christ, and that I appreciated the firm basis the Church was built on -- FAITH, FAMILY, & FRIENDS.

When I think about it now, I can almost "feel" how it felt to be a part of that Church and its close community!!  The testimony of FAITH, FAMILY, & FRIENDS that was the life of my WONDERFUL GRANDPARENTS is their legacy!!

Grandpa and Gram, I LOVE and MISS you both every day of my life!

Special Note

I used GOOGLE maps to see where the Church is now.  There was only one Church of Christ and it is located at 804 Jefferson Street, Delano, CA; (661) 725-3314.   

The "original" Church building -- in the above picture -- is no longer used by that Church.  When time permits, I am going to write the Church a letter and enclose a copy of this photo of the original Church of Christ; maybe they will have some interesting comments for me to add here!!


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